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Apr 27, 2021 · helping them stay physically active by hiking together on weekends.

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. Some healthy activities include swimming, bicycling, running, rope jumping and tennis. Reporting to the court periodically about their guardianship.

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Plan activities that can be finished in short periods of time or can be stopped and started again easily.

Make mobiles to decorate ceiling.

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Set up a picnic on the lawn or in the backyard. Cuddle with Your kids: 6.

22 hours ago · He and his team have covered the botched law enforcement response to the Robb Elementary school shooting since it happened one year ago.
So while bed rest isn't a happy circumstance for your child, it needn't be a time of mind-numbing boredom either.

Set up a picnic on the lawn or in the backyard.


Beds and. Write a note, if you can, that explains. Fleming & Kocovski’s Treatment Plan.

. What To Do When Sick, Tired and Bed-bound. Making end-of-life decisions for medical care, funeral arrangements, etc. . Parachute play: Sit with your child and others (the more the merrier) and move a parachute up and down.

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Draw with chalk, Colorforms, Etch-a-Sketch. .

Give children "something to do that eats up a lot of their time," advises Connor.

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