There will be 3 types of units installed depending on the trim.

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Earlier this year, the Volkswagen brand updated its MIB 3. The SatNav part is absolutely crap.


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Hopefully the update will address the many.

This can be done in a very easy way.

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Leider enthält die Bedienungsanleitung des neuen Passat (Modelljahr 2020) nur sehr oberflächliche Hinweise rund um das neue „große“ Navigations- und Infotainmentsystem Discover Pro. The new T-Rocs come with the new MIB3 infotainment system. 3 0102 completely does without physical buttons and switches, giving it a reduced and ultra-modern look.

. · #54 · Mar 9, 2022 (Edited) if I understood the 3 step process displayed on screen it said. . I updated my Arteon infotainment yesterday and today I received an e-mail from VW of A confirming the install. .


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Again, no surprises here.

Hier im Video zeige ich euch wie ihr einen Neustart/Reset/Reboot an dem Radio/Navigationsgerät der Reihe MIB 3 an den Fahrzeugen der Marke Volkswagen (VW),.