Beyond merely being popular, the 11th house person has the potential to become an icon.

Posts: 959. Dutiful Saturn influence.

During the stellium, your 1st house is aspected by Saturn which may bring you some mental stress.

Original, intellectual, friendly, inventive, freedom, idealistic, radical.

. But life isn't always normal! What you have in your chart is a conjunction (energy is combined with) of four planets, some in Capricorn, some in Sagittarius on the cusp (edge) of the 11th house and the 12th house. .

Posts: 959.

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Answer (1 of 2): You are perfectly correct. ”.

Keep in mind that the 11th House is about networking and group activities, so you might benefit from associating with those of like minds, rather than just relying on chance friendships that may.

Rich in air sign energy.

3 or more planets in Aquarius. A 10th house stellium is when three or more planets (including the Sun, Moon, and/or other planets) are all located in the 10th house of a birth chart.

That's because if it's only two, it. .

11th House Capricorn Stellium.
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Some, like Elvis Presley, with Jupiter in the 11th house, amass true believers – people who still believe he is alive and erect churches in his name.

. . It can be very tough for natives born with Aries in 11 th House to agree with the fact that the groups they’re a part of have.

denoting personal strength, motivation and increase. Wherever it. . A Major Stellium Management Tool—Set Achievable Goals; How to Gain from your Losses; Workarounds for less helpful Qualities of the Signs and Planets; Doing a Research Project on your Stellium; Astrology—a Stellar Stellium Management Tool; Can Relocation Change your. This house is opposite the 5th house and therefore on an axis with it, and both house are social houses.

3 or more planets in Aquarius.

May 22, 2019 · What Is A Stellium In Astrology?. One of my friends has Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in the 11th house in Scorpio.

A strong intuition.




My mother is a Leo sun, falling in my 10th house.