Nach einigen Kilometern Fahrt fängt die Glühkontrolle an zu blinken.

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sometimes it will hit 12-14psi and stick and die off at higher rpm or it will spike to 22psi and hold at 15.

Feb 5, 2014 · Hi, I bought my first T5 2 weeks back and keep getting a flashing glow plug light.

so far i did: 1. . Aug 3, 2015 · Hi there I'm at a complete loss with my van.

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It's a 2007 2.

1 2. This code causes the Check Engine Light to come on, indicating that there’s a problem.

M. It's struggling on the hills and the glow plug light comes on within 2.

The highest manifold pressure occurs when the turbocharger output is high.



5 R5 TDI 174hp - EDC16U31. . .

For example, with Volkswagen vehicles, the code could point to a faulty wastegate bypass regulator valve. Possible Causes. It only happens between 70-85mph and staying roughly the same speed ie on cruise control it is very likely to happen, doing 90. It’s how the engine can output more power for its size. .

1 Boost leak code P0299.

I drive down a couple of roads before joining the main road. .


habe einen VW T5 Automatik 2,5 TDI mit 128 KW.


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