Deeper ammo reserves.

Mar 27, 2023 · Once you’re able to craft your own Koraxis’s Distress, it may become a new favorite Strand Power weapon. .

For pvp, impulse amplifier with wellspring would be my go-to.


Mar 12, 2023 · Koraxis’s Distress PvE god roll. 20. We list all possible rolls for Koraxis's Distress (Adept), as well as weapon's stats and god rolls for PvE and PvP.


Apr 22, 2023 · This guide will help Destiny 2 players find and obtain the Koraxis's Distress Grenade Launcher & determine what the God Roll for it is. I prefer the ability energy gain over damage bumps like frenzy, which you can’t guarantee will be up while using the weapon. The God Roll for PvP is Linear Compensator, Proximity Grenades, Impulse Amplifier, Wellspring.

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. Velocity.

Type: Grenade Launcher with Rapid Frame (150 RPM) Damage: Strand.
Mar 19, 2023 · The Koraxis’s Distress is a Rapid-fire Frame Strand Grenade Launcher that can roll with the following perks: Perk 1: Impulse Amplifier, Field Prep, Danger Zone, Envious Assassin, Reconstruction, Demolitionist, Chain Reaction; Perk 2: Surrounded, Frenzy, Harmony, Wellspring, Full Court, Paracausal Affinity, Hatchling; We cover Koraxis’s.
Koraxis’s Distress has almost too many good perk options.

All the weapon's stats are pretty good but where it shines is Velocity: 58 and Aim assistance: 36.

Root of Nightmares Raid loot table (live) You know the drill! The Root of Nightmares raid is now out and teams are racing for World's 1st as we speak! While the top dogs are doing that, the rest of us are trying to go for a Day 1 (2) clear AND put together an official loot table! We have 3 teams on the field and the first drops are coming in!.

May 18, 2023 · Mykel’s Reverence God Roll - Rewind Rounds + Paracausal Affinity / Hatchling. . It is a Rapid-Fire Frame Grenade Launcher that can be obtained as a drop from the Root of Nightmares raid available with the Lightfall Expansion.

Like most newer raid weapons, Koraxis's Distress can be crafted once its Resonant Pattern is unlocked. Type: Grenade Launcher with Rapid Frame (150 RPM) Damage: Strand. . Learn all possible Koraxis's Distress (Adept) rolls, view popular perks on Koraxis's Distress (Adept) among the global Destiny 2 community, read Koraxis's Distress (Adept) reviews, and find your own personal Koraxis's Distress (Adept) god rolls. . .

Welcome to our Destiny 2 Koraxis’s Distress God Roll and How to Get guide.

Blast Radius. To obtain it, you must own the newest Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion.


Best 4th Column Perks: Full Court, Frenzy.