Spring brings new hopes for us and everything.


All you have to do is wake up and walk to your kitchen to find the basket of chocolate that a magical rabbit left for you sometime while you were asleep. ( Easter Jokes).

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May 16, 2023 · Goodbye boiling water, you will be mist.

125. What do you call a Transformer Bunny? Hop-timus Prime. 10.

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. Vote up any funny joke about Easter. The Easter bunny cracked a pun at school, so he was egg-spelled.

Mar 31, 2023 · Whether you're hopping, we mean hoping, for jokes suited for kids or adults, we're confident we can fill your Easter basket to the brim with giggles and groans this year. Easter Puns for the Run-Up to Easter.


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I’d hop to the moon and back for you. Ask the kids what time should they go to bed on Easter (When they're "eggs-hausted," of course).

What song is the Easter Bunny’s favorite? “I wanna dance with somebunny.
Confused, his father asks what's wrong.
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You’re going to want to hare this 3.

A: No one the first four doesn't exist and the other blonde thought it was a gum wrapper! Joke has 48.

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1. More ››. Why make the Easter Bunny so lucky?. The best easter jokes. Why make the Easter Bunny so lucky?.

What should you do to prepare for all of the Easter food? – Eggs-ercise! 126.

Mar 27, 2023 · What do the Easter Bunny and Michael Jordan have in common? They're both famous for stuffing baskets. Racehorses Summer Attraction, Fergus Mac Roich, and Distrurbing the Peace at Old Friends.

All the fruits go on vacation in Pear-is.

Easter rules.

Egg-cellent Easter quotes for 2023.

I’d hop to the moon and back for you.

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