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You can use the DisplayMetrics class' constant widthPixels instead of konfettiView. . m.

Feb 23, 2021 · Step 1: Create a New Project.

. css - one more cool thing is you can modify the confetti. xml for the animation description: <?xml version="1.

2 years ago. kt: class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity () { override fun onCreate.

2) Go to File -> New -> New Project.

Celebrate more with this lightweight confetti particle system 🎊 Create realistic confetti by implementing this easy to use library.

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Confetti is a high-performance, easily-configurable particle system library that can animate any set of objects through space. X and Y acceleration, boundaries, etc.

Right-click on the preview in the Layout Editor.


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I've successfully implemented custom bitmap confetti using this library. jetbrains. After Android Studio converts your ConstraintLayout to MotionLayout, a Motion Scene file (an.

Celebrate more. Explain Like I'm 5: Shimmer for Android. . . Distributed under the Lottie Simple License. .


Right-click on the preview in the Layout Editor. .

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Hello friend, this works.