May 26, 2021 · For anyone interested the fairways shafts do appear to be “made for” shafts.

Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 60.

Cobra Speedzone Driver Shaft Specs. Custom golf clubs options and complete specifications for Titleist drivers, fairway metals, hybrids, utility irons, and irons, Vokey Design wedges, and Scotty Cameron putters.

Mitsubishi Chemical OT Iron Shaft Set.


95 free shipping w/ $100+ (US) Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Blue Series Wood Shaft. 0. 00.

For example, the fairway wood shafts have torque ratings over 4*.

12 Month Warranty. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue Graphite Wood Shafts $129. Shaft Name.

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue Graphite Driver Shafts offer a mid launch and spin profile. (in) Tip Length (in) Butt O.

The difference is that the Tensei feels tighter throughout the shaft.

Every shaft in the TENSEI family is.

0 0. AV Series Blue.

Mitsubishi’s regular flex shaft has similar torque, not the X flex I was looking for. .

The bend profile of the Tensei Blue is based on Mitsubishi’s classic “Blue” profile, meaning it has similarities to the Diamana Blueboard or B Series Diamana shafts, and that feel will be instantly recognizable to.
The straight Flight Weighting (SFW) system is included in the 55g option.
In fact, it was hard for most of our testers to flight the ball down.



From Mitsubishi's website, The 70 R has a true weight of 69g and a mid kick point which should translate to a mid launch and spin, probably more mid-high with an R flex shaft. . 595 3.

The TENSEI™ CK Series Blue profile modernizes MRC GOLF’s classic, smooth bend profile. . . 00. .

The Tensei AV Blue 65 Shaft is the best-known Cobra Speedzone Driver.

. Overall, it has an active feel.



The Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Blue shaft has a mid-launch profile that offers smooth feel with Tour-caliber performance.

Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Pro Orange Hybrid Shaft.

5 MID TENSEI‚Ñ¢ CK Pro Blue.